Route 3

Hello Folks!

Today, for my first post ever I’ve got you some pictures of my Journey from Tate Modern to Kensington and Chelsea College. It’s not very good pictures as I wanted it to be on my first post but I think that’s okay. You will see I gonna get much better at taking pictures soon! I’m giving my best to learn everything I can. As you can see, I’ve tried to make them all black and white but one of them is colorful. I love that pictures in color so much I wasn’t able to change it. I took it from the second floor of the bus through the wet window. In that day I was feeling very confused by everything. I wasn’t sure if I should take pictures with a same subject or just portraits, arquiteture, little things… So it cames all mixed. But I’ve tried to give one same objective to all of them. Some months ago I took a picture that made me feel unconfortable but means very much for me.  (click here to see it at my facebook page). It’s a picture that does not seems to be aligned but it is. This picture made me notice something very important: I can focus on things that are not the main element, but little things that we do not always see our hurry days. That’s why most of my pictures from this post are not directly focused on main elements but on reflex through glasses, images through drops of water on a glass, doors, not humans, etc. Hope you like it!

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