When You Have No Model

When your model don’t come to the shoot you can look for another one or do one yourself! My model was done with newspaper and tape + green tape so it would look beautiful. My initial idea was to have the newspaper pattern but it would get the dress dirt. Because ir was made of newspaper it wouldn’t stand very still after I have dropped a few times which is sad. It took me 3 days and about 7 free newspapers (the ones you get in the stations and waitrose) to do it. It was about 1,67m tall. I looked for tutorials of how to do it on the internet but actually I didn’t use them. But it was good to have and idea and the tutorial was also really good. The problem was that I didn’t had a T-shirt to use and was all by myself so I would have to do it in my own body which wouldn’t really work. I really like the result I got. it’s a shame that it is so fragile. but for something you will use for only one session of photographs it did a GREAT JOB!

3 responses to “When You Have No Model

  1. Wow! This is so strange and mysterious, yet beautiful! I find it so creepy, as it (the model) comes alive in your photographs, wandering around the room. I love that! Really good set of pictures, and well chosen location and props. And great choice for the model, really fits the dress haha (:

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